Ivar Ytreland et. al.: POLARMINNER - Fortellinger om et glemt land og yrke (2010).

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ISBN: 978-82-7424-009-00

POLARMINNER – Fortellinger om et glemt land og yrke

The trappers and their life in North-East Greenland is almost forgotten; but now we finally have a first-hand account about their life and their time. The author is Ivar Ytreland, who began his life long career in the Arctic as a wintering trapper in North-East Greenland in 1946-48. It is a splendid and wide ranging book. In his story Ytreland tells it all, both lots about North-East Greenland, the daily life of the trappers and much more - important details that otherwise would have been lost. Finally the tells about a number of people and characters, who also have made their mark on the history of North-East Greenland. 

It is not surprising that it is Ivar Ytreland, who now have written his polar memories. Looking at his impressive biography, it reveals an almost unbelievable career, where he has been i charge of numerous companies and initiatives, private as well as public, national and international. A long line of assignments and recognitions mark his career.

After a life long and active career Ytreland in recent years have had better time, also for his beloved North-East Greenland. He has been in charge of several summer expeditions for the North-East Greenland Company Nanok. His never ending creativity as well as a renowned reputation as a charismatic story teller has made Ytreland a living legend in North-East Greenland long time ago.

Ytreland is one of the last of the ancient and proud trapper clan. There will be no more.

Skotte Forlag. 223 pages. Richly illustrated. Language: Norwegian

Price: 350,00 DKK