Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen (ed.): SIRIUS gennem 50 år (USED).

450,00 DKK
[SH] ISBN: 87-11-11376-6

- edited by Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen. Published by the Aschehoug Dansk Forlag A/S,

Copenhagen in May 2000. 328 pp. ISBN: 87-11-11376-6.

Richly illustrated with maps and approximately 250 photos. The Sirius Patrol is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in year 2000, and this book gives the overall account on the past and present of Sirius. It is based upon 40 exciting, personal remembrances told by 31 former members of the famous Sirius Patrol, which is the only of its kind in the World.

Out of print.

Price: 450,00 DKK