Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen: NORDØSTGRØNLAND 1908-60 - Fangstmandsperioden (2001) (USED).

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[SH] ISBN: 87-11-11538-6

Originally published by the Danish Polar Centre, Copenhagen 1994. 408 pp. Illustrated with maps and approximately 450 photos of persons, ships and historical trappers huts. Index with approximately 2,000 index words (localities, persons, expeditions and ships). This book is the result of seven years of research and gives an overall account on

Northeast Greenland 's newer cultural history, starting with the first expeditions in the 17th century up until today, however with focus on the period of 1908-60.

Republished November 2001 by Aschehoug Dansk Forlag A/S, in an updated edition including an English summary (15 pages). ISBN: 87-11-11538-6

Both editions are sold out. However, we do from time to time have used copies for sale.

Note: Used copies will be either the 1994 or the 2001 edtion, depending on availability. 

Price: 650,00 DKK