Videos about the Sirius sledge patrol and North-East Greenland (mostly in Danish language):


Leadership and team development, lectures etc. by former Siriusmen:

  • Iltihouse. Siriusman Jack Hindborg (year '87). Team training, leadership training, communication training, coaching etc.
  • SiriusUnity. Siriusman Steen Broen Møller (year '91). Development of leadership skills and well-functioning teams. Lectures, etc.
  • Siriuspartner. Siriusman Asger Fredslund (year '94). Development of individuals, management groups and teams. Lectures, etc.
  • Siriusmand Erik B. Jørgensen's (year '99) website. Adventurer, hunter soldier, author. Books, inspiration and lectures on Sirius and outdoor search.
  • Siriusmand Christian Liebergreen's (year '09) website. Adventurer, sailor, author. Christian has sailed around the world alone in a sailing ship - without going ashore at any time.


About Arctic research and collaboration etc.