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The mighty and magnificent Kong Oscar Fjord lies between 72 and 73 degrees north in the large national park on Greenland's North-East coast. The fjord is about 150 km long and in some places more than 20 km wide. Add to that its many side branches. This book gives in pictures and words some personal impressions of the different regions, landscapes and settlements in this region.

The National Park in North-East Greenland contains an unparalleled beauty and magnificence. The area also has a unique history, which in many areas has had a decisive influence on the situation today, not only locally and for Greenland, but also for the entire Kingdom of Denmark and even globally.

"Kong Oscar Fjord" is the first book in a new series under the joint name: "På opdagelse i Nordøstgrønland / Discovering North-East Greenland". The book series is for anyone visiting North-East Greenland. It is also for anyone who does not have the opportunity to get up there, but who nevertheless wanted to get to know the unique northeastern Greenlandic nature and the history of the area in a relatively easily accessible way. The book series will also be an excellent visual addition to the book "North-East Greenland 1908-60. The Trapper Era ”(2008).

"Kong Oscar Fjord" will be released on October 15, 2020.

A few examples from the book:


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Kong Oscar Fjord