The sledge patrol Sirius enforces the sovereignty of the Kingdom over North-East Greenland. 15,000 - 20,000 km of dog sled are covered annually. Since 1950, the sledge patrol has traveled more than 1 million kilometers of dog sledding along the uninhabited coasts of North and Northeast Greenland.

After the end of World War II, the escalation of the "Cold War" soon led to a desire for improved, systematized surveillance of North and North-East Greenland. The Navy, which is responsible for monitoring Greenland, recommended the creation of a military sledge patrol. The Danish government endorsed the proposal, and in 1950, in the greatest secret - in the direction of the Navy - one created a sledge patrol under the name Operation Resolut. The patrol was born on August 18, 1950. It was the day that the crew was first assembled at Ella Island Patrol's base the first year.

In the summer of 1951, the patrol moved to Daneborg, where a new headquarters, "Sirius Daneborg", was established. At the same time, you changed the name to the Sledge Patrol Resolut. In 1953, the patrol changed its name again. The reason was that in North Canada there is a weather station called "Resolute Bay" and to prevent misunderstandings, one therefore took the name after Sirius - the clearest star in the constellation Alfa Canis Majoris (Large Dog). It became under this name that the sledge patrol eventually became known to the public.

The sledge patrol Sirius is tasked with monitoring the uninhabited coast between Liverpool Land on the east coast and the Nares Strait on the north coast, a coastline of approx. 2,100 km - directly measured. The patrol takes place with dog sledge in the winter months, ie. from approx. November 1 to June 1, and in the summer by sailing the ice-free fjords. In addition to military surveillance and sovereignty, the patrol has also had the civilian police authority in the area since 1950. In the framework of the national park, the patrol people also function as game servants and supervise the many research and sports expeditions of the summer and cruise ships.

Sirius, who was previously coordinated operationally directly from Denmark through the Patrol Service North and North East Greenland during the Defense Command in Vedbæk, was in 2006 subject to Greenland's Command (GLK), and since this in 2012 was merged with the Faroe Command to Arctic Command (AKO), Sirius moved with . AKO, which is headquartered in Nuuk, is responsible for the operational management of the patrol, while the education and supply part is handled by the Station and Patrol Service Greenland (SPG) located at Aalborg Air Station.

The crew, who increased to 10 and later to 12 men from 1951, previously consisted solely of officers and commanders of the three guards who had volunteered for the service. Today, the service remains voluntary; but instead, the requirement is that you have completed a basic education in the Armed Forces or in the Emergency Management Agency. In addition to the Armed Forces basic health requirements, one must also be able to honor the special health requirements of the program. In addition, one must have a clean criminal record and be able to be approved for safety and - not least - have a clarified hinterland for the purpose of completing the full posting; i.e. 26 months in Northeast Greenland.

Prior to joining Sirius, the aspirants must prove suitable through a seven-month training course at Sirius Forskole during SPG, including one month's winter training at the Norwegian Defense Forces Mestersvig. Then comes the final selection and departure to Northeast Greenland.

A sledge team, ie. Two men and 12 dogs can be on a continuous sledge trip for up to 4-5 months, during which they meet other people just a few times. Remembering the criticism that came with the decision of The Hague Judgment in Denmark's favor that Denmark might have shown will, but not results, it is worth mentioning that Sirius has drawn over 1,000,000 km of sledging tracks along the North and Northeast Greenland's uninhabited coasts.

The sledge patrol Sirius is one of the Armed Forces' three special forces. The other two are Jægerkorpset and Frømandskorpset. The three elite forces are different, but all require exceptional physical and mental strength.

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