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There are no country roads in the Land of Men, Kalaallit Nunaat - in Danish, Greenland. Geographical and social conditions make it unrealistic to connect the country's cities and regions via a traditional road network. Without air transport and the Twin Otter aircraft, large parts of Greenland would be cut off from traffic.

This book is not just about Twin Otters from Greenland, Iceland and Canada and their importance for Greenland. It is also about how travel in Greenland has taken shape from the earliest times and how flight has developed from the first pioneers up to the present day. Furthermore, the author asks some questions and suggestions about the future of aviation in Greenland. Finally, the book contains comprehensive indexes and registers of Twin Otters, pilots, mechanics, other aircraft types, etc.

The book is a reissue of the 2006 edition - with a new cover photo.

336 pages. Hardcover 195 x 250 mm. Language Danish. Over 300 photos, maps & illustrations.

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TWIN OTTER – flyvning og rejser i Grønland (2023)