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David Matthews translated and adapted this book from the Norwegian original. A selection of true stories and events related by the Norwegian author from his time as a trapper in North-East Greenland after the war. From 1946 to 1951, as a young man in his early twenties seeking to help pay for his engineering studies and to look for adventure, Norwegian Ivar Ytreland became part of the well-established, well-organized Norwegian and Danish trapping/hunting/fishing community in North-East Greenland. His presence in the north “infected” him with polar fever from which he happily never recovered, influencing him greatly for the rest of his life. A Trapper in North-East Greenland: Tales of a forgotten way of life, is Ytreland’s full-bodied description of the history from the very beginnings of these activities to their last years and well beyond, to restoration projects still very active now two years after his death at age 86 in 2012. His writing is meticulous yet enlightening and engaging, full of details and the minutia of a trapper’s daily schedule which changed with the ebb and flow of his pursued quarry and the two seasons (described as the only two seasons in the vast region): Winter and Summer. Ytreland had to process and preserve his harvest, build or repair almost everything: huts and tents, clothes, skis, sledges and harnesses, ovens, lamps, axes and knives, boats and engines.